BetaFPV - 0802 17500KV 1S Motor

BetaFPV - 0802 17500KV 1S Motor

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BetaFPV - 0802 17500KV 1S Motor

These small 0802 engines run on no less than 17500KV! And are the lightest engines out there! They are specially developed for the 1S drones such as the Beta65 Pro and Beta75 Pro. These engines only weigh 2.1g each!

They work perfectly with both 30mm and 40mm propellers with 1mm shaft

Specifications :

  • Weight: 1.9g per motor
  • Shaft: 1.0 mm
  • KV (rpm / V): 17500KV
  • Connection: Micro JST-1.25 3-pin connector

Recommended parts: 

  • Propellers: 31 mm 4-blade propellers, 40 mm 4-blade propellers with 1 mm shaft
  • Frame: Beta65 Pro / Beta75 Pro
  • FC + ESC: F4 2S AIO Brushless FC


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